The ABCs of LLMs

The old saying goes “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” I once found this funny because my sister was a teacher. It’s not so funny now when the aphorism changes to “Those who write, do; those who can’t, use LLMs.”

You might have heard this acronym bandied about as it relates to ChatGPT and its AI pals. If not, let The Machine explain:

Describe LLM in non-technical terms.

LLM, which stands for "Large Language Model," is a smart computer program that uses advanced technology to understand and generate human-like text, helping people with various tasks and providing information on a wide range of topics.

Websites and apps are now sprouting up that focus LLM products for specific industries and vocations. Doctors will have LLMs that do deep dives into medical information. Every word in case law will be available to lawyers. There are already a few LLM products fashioned for writers. More, no doubt, are on the way.

What follows are links to five AI writing tools. To be completely honest, I stole the product descriptions directly from the company websites—like any non-writer could do—and asked ChatGPT to do its thing. For brevity’s sake, I have not included the descriptions that were cut and pasted about the products. Trust me, the words I pirated are right there on the websites.

The Machine was given two prompts: the first to completely disguise the purloined paragraphs, and a second to condense the initial, verbose response into a couple paragraphs:

Prompt 1
Rewrite the following description from the perspective of a professional writer. Do not use the term “professional writer”: [product description]

Prompt 2
Condense this into two short paragraphs.

Here are the results:


Sudowrite, the ultimate AI story-writing software, revolutionizes the art of storytelling. With its intuitive interface, it effortlessly generates brilliant ideas for characters, plot points, and story settings, liberating writers from the clutches of writer's block. Crafted with precision and collaboration in mind, Sudowrite empowers writers to create their stories faster while indulging in the boundless realm of imagination.

Not only does Sudowrite excel as an AI beta reader, offering invaluable suggestions for your writing, but it also serves as a reliable companion throughout your creative journey. With Sudowrite, your words find resonance, transformed into a symphony of prose that captivates readers. Experience the unmatched brilliance of Sudowrite, where innovation and creativity converge.


Jasper stands out as a renowned AI writing software, distinguished by its focus on digital marketing content rather than creative writing. 

It excels in facilitating brainstorming sessions and boasts features like Jasper Chat for generating text through natural dialogue. Additionally, it offers a "creative story" feature, enabling users to craft narratives following the hero's journey outline. Jasper is a versatile tool that combines practicality with the allure of storytelling.


SceneOne, an advanced AI writing partner, harnesses the power of web-derived information and language models to assist you in refining your written work. It offers invaluable support, from overcoming writer's block to sentence restructuring and brainstorming fresh ideas. 

Moreover, SceneOne sets itself apart with its Story Path companion site, a dedicated platform that empowers authors to meticulously plan and plot their novels at a high level, unlocking unprecedented storytelling potential.


MasterWriter, praised as a writing partner with the educational prowess of an Ivy League, delivers a wealth of tools including synonyms, phrases, rhyming words, and more. 

It appeals to writers who prefer a hands-on approach, empowering them to grow and evolve through its comprehensive dictionary and self-driven assistance.


NovelAI presents an ingenious writing companion driven by the prowess of artificial intelligence. With its exceptional capabilities, it empowers individuals of all backgrounds to craft remarkable literary works, unbounded by their inherent skills or expertise. Not limited to mere text generation, this remarkable tool incorporates a captivating Text Adventure module, inviting your imagination to embark on thrilling journeys. Moreover, it boasts exclusive AI modules designed to replicate the distinctive styles of renowned authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.

Diverging from conventional methods, NovelAI introduces a groundbreaking approach to character development. Leveraging its formidable image generation engine, it grants you the power to visualize vivid characters and captivating scenes from your novel. This extraordinary feature enables you to immerse yourself in the realms of your characters, facilitating the seamless plotting of scenes and the organic growth of their arcs.

You’ll notice I used DALL-E to render the image for this post. That doesn’t make me an artist, but it helped me get the job done. An AI writing tool will not make the user into a writer, but people will use them because they can. It’s like trusting spellcheckers and autocomplete to proofread a piece. Mistakes are going to happen unless you let a professional do the job.

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