Jacob’s Hole

If you like writing 50-word stories, one of the best potential publishing venues is Blink-Ink. Over the years they’ve accepted a few of my stories. This one was submitted for their Country Roads issue, but did not make the cut.

Jacob’s Hole

The three-mile walk to Jacob’s Hole was like a hotplate, but a swim was my reward.

The trip back would be miserable except when Mom and her pickup truck ambled up the parallel ruts of the dusty road.

“It’s fried boy for dinner,” Mom said when she saw my sunburn.

One thought on “Jacob’s Hole

  1. We have been very pleased to publish DL Shirey in he past, and certainly hope to do so again. At 20 pages
    per issue, sadly there is only so much room. Great story, and we’ll catch up another time.

    Doug Mathewson


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