Obligatory Wordle Post

Here’s a fun way to practice the Wordle skills needed to make that all-important sixth and final guess. Use these five words to start:

24 different letters make up these words. One additional vowel has been inserted to ensure that these words exist on the Wordle list. The letters left out, J and Z, are least used in American English. According to Cornell University, J had a 0.10 usage frequency in a sample of 40,000 words. Z bottomed out at 0.07.

Wordle’s yellow and green tiles indicate which letters to rearrange for your final guess. If only four “correct” tiles have been revealed, add J and Z to the mix. You never know when those sneaks at the New York Times will slip in JAZZY, ZANJA or JEEZE.

Another caveat to keep in mind is that duplicate letters are often needed to find the solution. As a novice Wordler, I wasn’t aware letters could be used more than once. To my shame, I once abandoned a puzzle unsolved because it was impossible to decipher using five different letters. I discovered my error later that day on Twitter, as did all the others reporting the same problem.

Of course, it’s impossible to practice this technique AND play Wordle normally on the same day. Even if one uses a second browser or different device, the word is revealed when the puzzle gets solved. Or when that sixth guess is wrong.

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