The Short List

smallHope all of you in the USA had a nice Thanksgiving. For those elsewhere in the world, it’s a holiday where we binge on food a day before we binge on shopping. I’m thankful for all of you who check out The Short List regularly. It is for you that we’ve added another 21 new journals, culled away some deadwood (may they rest in peace) and inched the list closer to 1,000 entries.

Among our November newbies is The Brasilia Review and Synaeresis, listed in our “countless” section. Over the last few months, a couple writers have asked about this category and why there is no exact word count associated with the 18 journals listed there. It’s because they don’t list a hard word count. But when reviewing the publications (as all good writers should do before submitting), it becomes obvious that the stories they publish are short, well below the limits that got them on The Short List in the first place.

If you read these monthly posts, then you know my fondness for highlighting journals based solely on a random association of titles. This month it’s feathers. Check out Peregrine, Roadrunner Review and Southern Quill.

Happy shopping writing.

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